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Fractal Music Workshops

During an informal discussion in 2003, Benoit Mandelbrot suggested to Harlan Brothers that he undertake a rigorous mathematical treatment of the subject of fractal music. The first result of that conversation was a presentation and workshop Harlan conducted at the 2004 Yale Fractal Geometry Workshop.

Harlan Brothers with Benoit Mandelbrot at the Yale Fractal Geometry Workshop
Harlan Brothers with Benoit Mandelbrot at Yale University

Using the tools of fractal geometry, Fractal Music Workshops offer teachers and students alike the opportunity to explore many of the intimate connections between mathematics and music.  Focused presentations and hands-on exercises promote understanding in an intuitive and entertaining manner.

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  • As a subject matter expert, Harlan was interviewed by filmmaker Michael Lawrence for BACH & friends, a feature length documentary on the importance of Johann Sebastian Bach in the 21st century.  Here is an excerpt from his interview:

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